Methods for circumventing internet blocks in Libya…

Here are a few ideas for immediate ways to bypass internet blocks in Libya (The main problem with all of these ideas is that they require internet access to get them):

1 – Google launches Speak to Tweet Service  #LIBYA #BENGHAZI #TRIPOLI Phone numbers are:


2 – Dutch ISP provider XS4ALL has set up an Internet Dial-up Service for Libya:

Use your modem to dial             +31205350535
username: xs4all
password: xs4all

3 – In libya and can’t open youtube use these DNS Servers:

4 – Internet Dialin for Libya:


user: xs4all

password: xs4all #feb17

5 – Free, Untraceable Internet Connection for all Libyans:

+494923197844321      .

User: Telecomix

Password: Telecomix.

انترنت مجاني وغير مراقب في ليبيا اتصال بالرقم


User: Telecomix

Password: Telecomix يرجى النشر

6 – Ham Radio Frequencies for Libya:

7 – Ham Radio Software for PC, Mac & Linux:

8 – Send SMS Reports to  +1 949 209 7559  and they will retweet for you.

9 – Point to Point Chat (serverless) –

10 – PC World Ideas for getting internet access when governments shut it down:

11 – WIRED How to Wiki:

12 – Open source ‘Internet in a Suitcase’ Software:

13 – Contact one of the new media sources in Benghazi and across Libya:

Libya Alhurra (Internet TV) & LibyaFM (Radio 88.5 fm) –

Tribute FM (English speaking radio) –

You can find their webpages from the links on this site.


To contribute ideas to this page contact or leave a comment.


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