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Welcome to the new blog, Communication Crisis, which will be looking at telecommunications through political crisis with special reference to Libya. The blog is linked to a larger research project which will examine, through virtual ethnography, the ways in which people are communicating within the crisis, how they are bypassing restrictions on telecommunications and how people can prepare themselves for communicating through crises. Case studies are vital for this type of research and so I encourage anyone interested to share your relevant stories as a “guest blogger” on this site. We are interested in stories about communicating through situations of natural disaster or political crisis and stories from those anticipating crisis and preparations they or their organisations have made for communicating through the anticipated crisis. We particularly welcome any stories about communications relating to the the current situations in the Middle East & North Africa. To submit a story contact communicationcrisis@live.co.uk.


Laura Morris

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Good reading your blog. I’ve written extensively about (and my entire life lived with) censorship, both in MSM and online. Two resources may be of some help for you. http://ict4peace.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/how-to-beat-a-web-censor-but-how-censors-could-still-shut-down-a-site/ is about my response to a block on a citizen journalism site I founded and curate in Sri Lanka that is now one of the country’s best read sites for critical commentary.

    https://ict4peace.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/online-and-mobile-communications-security-for-human-rights-defenders/ is a poster designed for our human rights activists, but will resonate elsewhere as well.

    Best regards,

    Sanjana Hattotuwa
    TED Fellow

    • Communication Crisis says:

      Thanks Sanjana,

      I’ve seen quite a few of your articles but missed these two! Really interesting and greatly useful information. I will add to ‘recommended reads’ on the relevant blog. I will put the poster in the bypassing section.


      Thanks again,


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